AI0WA is an AI software we work on for better managing web servers and communication networks in general. Its roots came after we studied this project’s documentation. This software is under development. Our small team has found numerous challenges in the fast-paced market environment. However, the software’s development will continue. Here is a little introduction of the mentioned MIT project.

The project tried to build an incredibly universal system for sending and receiving data that works through primary Internet protocols. The starting stages include creating original applications for handling outbound and incoming data flow for gigantic institutions, no matter if through e-mail, and different digital media.

Following a short stage of building web servers by the above, this venture is going to move to interactive applications for wide-area data transfer, together with other methods to language comprehension.This investment expands from research done by the 1992 Presidential election, while postal agents sent out promotion info gathered inquiries from residents and helped volunteers work together.

Curiosity about political interaction carries on since participants in the project cooperate with the White House, the Congress, and Cambridge Government. In one similar venture, structured and flexible survey solutions put together by the venture was used in a study more than 1,600 receivers of day-to-day White House Electronic. A long cooperation process was created and implemented in the Vice President’s Open Meeting on the National Performance Review. An essential ingredient of such programs, The Common LISP Hypermedia Web server, works on the Common Lisps and it is openly given away on the internet. Working together with neighborhood political figures, project participants formulated the very first Website for a USA Senator, Senator Kennedy together with an early local website for the City of Cambridge.

Today’s hosting environment has considerably changed and is extremely multicolored. Some enterprises prefer Windows servers while other prefer open-source and financially less bearing solutions.

With cloud hosting, there is even more need for a better platform of management. This website is here to report on occasional updates on the state of the development and sometimes will span out to current web hosting solutions. We will try not to be commercial about it when we take a look at some of those big hosting companies.

Stay tuned!

The AI 0WA Team

Cyber Monday Hosting Offers 2017

A brief blog post on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Take advantage of the best promotions of the web hosting industry.

Every year this is the time to buy shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and domain names. Some web hosts offer as much as 95% off certain plans.

Here are some great options if you are shopping right now.

Happy shopping!

A deep dig into Inmotion’s features

A forerunner in website hosting business, InMotion is a California based company which was set up in 2001. There are many solutions to web hosting that it is noted for like VPS, dedicated hosting for servers, sharing servers, etc.

If a few of the critical InMotion hosting review reports like the one at Web Nickel are anything to pass by, the company’s services have demonstrated a significant advancement recently, along with the offers like unlimited disk space and data transfer, together with enhanced technical assistance for many programming languages. The company has been receiving rave reviews for its web hosting expertise.

Many InMotion hosting reviews have lauded the company for offering its customers the choice of cancellation of services within 30 days of signup, with a full money-back option, in the case of dissatisfaction.

There are numerous services provided with domain privacy like sub-domains, add-on, enrollment, and search which are the typical group of domain services. For those who are seeking at shopping cart applications or Google checkout, the hosting services which are an e-commerce facility also make things interesting.

InMotion has additionally been in the spotlight for its support service for its chat support, video lessons, forums, phone and email support that is available around the clock. It provides the business-class tools for developing premium websites within a limited time. It allows access and accounts setting facilities via a control panel with the FTP. Most InMotion hosting reviews have highly regarded the reliable services offered by the company.

Specific important aspects have made this the best option hosting facilitator. Know them to have the best experience.

  1. Disk space: A minimal 10GB disk space is a need for efficient operations, that would help the customer upgrade the space prerequisite later on.
  2. Bandwidth: Consider at least 100GB bandwidth, which will help transfer data without difficulty. Look for a web host service provider who offers unlimited disk space.
  3. Email: Another feature that should be taken into account if you have your domain name is the email. You should look for unlimited email accounts with a matching email address.
  4. Database: With a fundamental requirement is at least 1GB database for most applications, it will become essential to consider a host who provides a minimum of 10 databases minimum as it will let you broaden the database when you need a higher capacity.
  5. Domain: Quite often a web hosting plan includes a free domain name, if it does not, consider opting for one by enrollment. Also, ensure that you look to find a free domain offer for clients in the service providers.
  6. FTP Facility: You will need a file transfer protocol (FTP) service for web hosting for reliable and faster transfer of data. Be sure the service provider includes these services.

Perhaps, the most important feature of a good web hosting service provider, according to InMotion hosting reviews, is reliable customer service and technical support, with services available around the clock. This is vital for the efficient running of the website.

They Took Them Out

Some Basic Characteristics

One of the smaller web hosting service businesses is and they have great reputation for good quality service for the amount the consumer is charged. When you are buying a hosting you have to think about some other things like; customer support, how reasonable the prices are and the reviews that the company leaves. Looking for reviews on some forums is a good idea to, or try to ask your friends that have web sites. Web hosting service businesses come in all shapes, sizes and varieties for any type of online business.

The majority of buyers choose a larger web hosting service provider because they are easy to reach, have the lowest and a more easy to find reviews from users. A large web hosting service provider will have the best prices and is a good choice for a client wanting to start a smaller webpage or blog.

The problem with a larger web hosting service business is that they have a huge client base, so that means that dedication to each client is lessened because they already have so much on their plate. The problem with a smaller web hosting service provider is that the values generally higher because their services are more individualized and dedicated to each individual client.

Using a smaller web hosting service provider is a much better idea for a larger projects – the smaller sites would benefit much more from using a large web hosting service provider.

Easy Landing

Domain: Most of the time a web hosting plan comes with a free domain name, if it does not, consider opting for one by registration. Also make sure that you look to find a free domain offer for customers in the service providers.

When I Laid On

Yet another important characteristic of FatCow is its top notch services in union with Google and Carbonite, as these companies jointly provide back up of data for customers along with software packages that handle the email marketing necessities and also webmaster tools from Google.


It would be wise to take the word of a FatCow Review because the writers of these reviews are clients of the particular Internet hosting service themselves. Their reviews will undoubtedly shape up the decision on whether or not this will be the hosting service to take. As of the moment, the current review on for this specific hosting service are for the most part reasonably good. The tech support, customer support, and user friendliness are all highly praised by the customers using this particular hosting service.

California Dreams

The FatCow Review that a person comes upon while looking the web for reviews for the respective hosting service also, for the most part, views a lot of commendations for the hosting service’s unlimited data transfer and disk storage, which has just been a recently added feature. One should undoubtedly understand that the functions recommended in a normal FatCow Review generally are a wee bit more pricey than other hosting services. Why complain about the price when you are getting these many characteristics?

Push it

FatCow reviews are a lot more in type. While they can be a simple comparison between different services of the same nature they can also be a holistic dissection of FatCow as it is. Technicality is also attended to in FatCow review with every review being composed with certain parameters for a certain group. Some of the reviews however may not be authentic, and this is simply because the FatCow reviews are written by many distinctive people with different opinions of the webhosting service and varying agendas. Hence one will need to be circumspect in one’s evaluation of the reviews. This may be a daunting task but it is explained below.

Heading South

Before hiring a web host, you need to check out reputable web hosting reviews in order to get an idea of how real or hyped the services of a potential host provider really is. This will save you a lot of money and headaches because you will already know what to expect before you hire their services.

Eco-Friendly and Reliable? Is that Possible?

We were not planning to write anything about third-party services or products, but we have decided to start a series of reviews where we feel the service deserves a thumbs up from us. Thus comes a review of GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks is considered to be a quite newly established web hosting provider, and in spite of it, they have become a leader in green hosting. The success of GreenGeeks is primarily due to its superior standards and ever bettering service, as well as the real utilization of renewable energy. I am not surprised by this in the least, and if you read my review, you will know the reason.

GreenGeeks Plan Price
12 months plan $5.95/mo
24 months plan $4.95/mo

What are the advantages of GreenGeeks?

Superior high-performance, eco-friendly hosting Green Geeks offers all the necessary tools and features to make your online presence seamless. A customer of GreenGeeks will have the typical hosting features, like unlimited traffic and storage, easy setup of common blog and CMS platforms and various web commerce solutions.


  • Free Site Builder
  • SSI
  • Frontpage Extensions
  • FTP Access

300% carbon neutral Web Hosting

Seeing this at the first time, my gut reaction was like what’s this 300% nonsense? Reminded me to a huge selling plot. Bottom line? Well, Green Geeks substitutes the electricity uptake of the computers with three times as much eco-friendly wind energy. I doubted about all these green achievements in the beginning, but after checking on a recent certification, I learned that the GreenGeeks had bought more than 2 million MW of eco-friendly green energy. Considering that, there’s no doubt that GreenGeeks would be the most eco-friendly hosting company on the planet.

Very reliable web hosting with daily backups

Another advantage of GreenGeeks Hosting is the safety I get from them. According to the Green Geeks, GreenGeeks’ infrastructure is built on Intel Dual Quad Core servers with RAID-10 array technology. Additionally, GreenGeeks’ servers are backed up daily. This gives me peace of mind, and I have no worries about the hosting issues.

What might go bad with GreenGeeks Hosting?

They are new: Lack of proven business reputation in the long term. The bottom line is Green Geeks is a great hosting provider; my one worry is they are fresh. Green Geeks is quite fresh, so I feel there are likely small glitches with their service as they are pursuing perfection.