AI0WA is an AI software we work on for better managing web servers and communication networks in general. Its roots came after we studied this project’s documentation. This software is under development. Our small team has found numerous challenges in the fast-paced market environment. However, the software’s development will continue. Here is a little introduction of the mentioned MIT project.

The project tried to build an incredibly universal system for sending and receiving data that works through primary Internet protocols. The starting stages include creating original applications for handling outbound and incoming data flow for gigantic institutions, no matter if through e-mail, and different digital media.

Following a short stage of building web servers by the above, this venture is going to move to interactive applications for wide-area data transfer, together with other methods to language comprehension. This investment expands from research done by the 1992 Presidential election, while postal agents sent out promotion info gathered inquiries from residents and helped volunteers work together.

Curiosity about political interaction carries on since participants in the project cooperate with the White House, the Congress, and Cambridge Government. In one similar venture, structured and flexible survey solutions put together by the venture was used in a study more than 1,600 receivers of day-to-day White House Electronic. A long cooperation process was created and implemented in the Vice President’s Open Meeting on the National Performance Review. An essential ingredient of such programs, The Common LISP Hypermedia Web server, works on the Common Lisps and it is openly given away on the internet. Working together with neighborhood political figures, project participants formulated the very first Website for a USA Senator, Senator Kennedy together with an early local website for the City of Cambridge.

Today’s hosting environment has considerably changed and is extremely multicolored. Some enterprises prefer Windows servers while other prefer open-source and financially less bearing solutions.

With cloud hosting, there is even more need for a better platform of management. This website is here to report on occasional updates on the state of the development and sometimes will span out to current web hosting solutions. We will try not to be commercial about it when we take a look at some of those big hosting companies.

Stay tuned!


The AI 0WA Team