Eco-Friendly and Reliable? Is that Possible?

We were not planning to write anything about third-party services or products, but we have decided to start a series of reviews where we feel the service deserves a thumbs up from us. Thus comes a review of GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks is considered to be a quite newly established web hosting provider, and in spite of it, they have become a leader in green hosting. The success of GreenGeeks is primarily due to its superior standards and ever bettering service, as well as the real utilization of renewable energy. I am not surprised by this in the least, and if you read my review, you will know the reason.

GreenGeeks Plan Price
12 months plan $5.95/mo
24 months plan $4.95/mo

What are the advantages of GreenGeeks? 

Superior high-performance, eco-friendly hosting Green Geeks offers all the necessary tools and features to make your online presence seamless. A customer of GreenGeeks will have the typical hosting features, like unlimited traffic and storage, easy setup of common blog and CMS platforms and various web commerce solutions.


  • Free Site Builder
  • SSI
  • Frontpage Extensions
  • FTP Access

300% carbon neutral Web Hosting

Seeing this at the first time, my gut reaction was like what’s this 300% nonsense? Reminded me to a huge selling plot. Bottom line? Well, Green Geeks substitutes the electricity uptake of the computers with three times as much eco-friendly wind energy. I doubted about all these green achievements in the beginning, but after checking on a recent certification, I learned that the GreenGeeks had bought more than 2 million MW of eco-friendly green energy. Considering that, there’s no doubt that GreenGeeks would be the most eco-friendly hosting company on the planet.

Very reliable web hosting with daily backups

Another advantage of GreenGeeks Hosting is the safety I get from them. According to the Green Geeks, GreenGeeks’ infrastructure is built on Intel Dual Quad Core servers with RAID-10 array technology. Additionally, GreenGeeks’ servers are backed up daily. This gives me peace of mind, and I have no worries about the hosting issues.

What might go bad with GreenGeeks Hosting?

They are new: Lack of proven business reputation in the long term. The bottom line is Green Geeks is a great hosting provider; my one worry is they are fresh. Green Geeks is quite fresh, so I feel there are likely small glitches with their service as they are pursuing perfection.

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